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Other Offences Data Now Available

NSRI have begun to collect and publish detailed data on the number of offences other than exceeding the speed limit that are captured by mobile safety camera van operators, such as the failure to wear a seatbelt, or using a mobile phone.

Whilst these offences have always been enforced by NSRI, detailed data for individual camera sites was not available to the partnership, so no statistics could be published.

However, following a review of procedures, NSRI have begun publishing the number of other offences captured by mobile safety camera van operators at each site in Northumbria along with the number of speeding offences that are already published.

These statistics are available in the “Data” section of the NSRI website’s Document Library, and currently cover offences recorded in August, September and October 2015.

In these three months, NSRI’s mobile camera operators captured 581 offences other than speeding:

  • 508 of these offenders were not wearing a seatbelt
  • 42 offenders were using a mobile phone while driving
  • 31 offenders were committing other offences, such as not being in proper control of their vehicle, or having an illegal or illegible vehicle registration number plate

Over the same time period, 10,378 speeding offences were recorded by mobile safety camera units, meaning that 5.3% of offences captured by NSRI’s mobile sites were for illegal activity other than exceeding the speed limit.


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