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New NSRI Website Launched

Over the last few months, the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative’s official website ( has been extensively redesigned and has now been launched.

Amongst the new features are:

  • a Document Library that collects together documents and statistics on NSRI’s camera sites and policies.  This includes data on the number of collisions and casualties at camera sites, the average speeds and traffic volumes recorded at both existing sites and locations that have been surveyed by individual local authorities, the number of camera activations at sites, and specific information on the sites such as location, baseline period and enforcement start date.
  • a Frequently Asked Questions page that gives answers to some of the more common questions that NSRI is asked about how the cameras work, why they are used where they are used, how the sites are reviewed, and what happens next if you are caught speeding.
  • a Membership page giving links to the official websites of all NSRI’s member and partner organisations.

There has also been a few significant changes made to existing pages:

  • The About NSRI page now gives much more information about the history and management structure for NSRI along with the benefits in addition to road safety that NSRI gives to Northumbria.
  • The Driver Information page now also includes a table giving the various enforcement thresholds that Northumbria Police apply to speeds recorded by safety cameras for fixed penalty notices, the offer of attending a speed awareness course, and court summons.

Other pages and the camera site map have all had a few minor changes to improve the quality and look of the website, and there will be a few additional small changes made over the next few months to ensure that all the information included is as up to date as possible.


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