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HGV Drivers Advised of Lower National Speed Limit in Scotland

On 6th April 2015, in England and Wales, the speed limit for goods vehicles over 7.5tonnes changed. On single carriageway roads it was raised from 40mph to 50mph. There were no changes[i] to any of the speed limits in Scotland at this time.

Police Scotland’s East Safety Camera Unit is responsible for the operation of safety cameras on and around the A1, A697 and A68 in the Scottish Borders area. Contrary to urban myth, safety cameras are not used to generate income, quite the opposite actually applies. Fixed cameras and mobile units are deployed where there is a history of injury collisions. They are out there to highlight to you that you’re travelling on a dangerous road and their presence helps to make everyone’s journey safer.

Andy Jones, East Safety Camera Unit Manager said – “Since April 2015, the Safety Camera Unit has noticed a rise in the number of goods vehicles detected by safety cameras in the borders areas. In the main, it seems to be drivers travelling north from England into Scotland who are possibly not adapting to the reduction in speed limit as they cross the border. We know that this is your livelihood and we don’t want to jeopardise it any more than you do. All we are asking is that you are familiar with the speed limit wherever you may be and keep within it.”

Please – KNOW YOUR LIMITS – don’t jeopardise your licence and your livelihood.


Further information about speed limits and the changes can be found at:


[i] There is currently a trial (commenced 28/10/2014) on the A9 between Perth and Inverness for HGV’s over 7.5T which mirrors the changes in speed limit in England and Wales relating to single carriageway roads only.

East Safety Camera Unit, Police Scotland, Fettes Avenue, Edinburgh EH4 1RB



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