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Requests for Information

We have endeavoured to provide as much information as possible on this website, but if you wish to request information that is available only by request, not listed, or you do not have access to the formats listed, you can email

If you wish to make a request in writing, for the Fixed Penalty Unit, please write to:

Fixed Penalty Unit
Bedlington Police Station
Schalksmuhle Road
NE22 7LA

or for the NSRI partnership office, please write to:

Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative
Transport Strategy
Communities and Environment
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street

The request must contain a name and postal address for reply purposes.

Your request for information will be acknowledged upon receipt and either the information requested or the reason for it not being provided will be given within 20 working days.


Northumbria Police

If you need to report an incident that you were involved in or witnessed on the roads, please contact Northumbria Police using the 101 non-emergency telephone number.  In an emergency you should always call 999.

  • Free Mason

    I live on the B6528 half way between throckley and heddon on the wall, this was a 60mph stretch untill a few years ago when it was reduced to 40mph. To my knowledge there is no visible deterrent to stop speeding, which is now becoming a major issue with all types of vehicles, buses , hgv’s , motorcycles and cars regularly exceeding the limit .
    Why can’t the Safe speed mobile unit not patrol this stretch do we have to wait for an accident to happen?

    • peter

      Thank you for raising this concern with NSRI. The reason why we do not currently enforce on this 40mph section of road is that the latest intelligence (September to October 2015) from the permanent automatic traffic counter that is positioned on this road (on the border between Newcastle and Northumberland local authorities) shows that over 85% of vehicles travelling in both directions are within the enforcement threshold for this speed of road. That is to say that the 85th percentile speeds in both directions are below 46mph (43mph westbound and 40mph eastbound), while the mean average speed is 36mph westbound and 34mph eastbound. Therefore this road does not currently qualify for speed enforcement by NSRI.

  • Bryan Green

    what proof do the police require before they can convict someone fore speeding


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