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About the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative (NSRI)

What is NSRI?

NSRI is a partnership between Northumbria Police and the six local authorities who fall within the force area: Gateshead (who are the lead authority for NSRI), Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

This partnership exists to help reduce the number of people killed or injured on the roads within the Northumbria police force area, and the primary method that the partnership takes to achieve this is though safety (speed) camera enforcement conducted by Northumbria Police.  This enforcement activity includes (but is not limited to) exceeding the speed limit, mobile phone offences, failure to wear a seatbelt, not being in proper control of the vehicle and disobeying a red traffic signal.

However, enforcement is only one of the methods used to improve road safety in the police force area, and the partnership also engages in a wide range of education, training and publicity initiatives, including media campaigns, road shows, research and young driver projects.  In conducting these activities, the partnership works particularly closely with the road safety teams in the six local authorities.

History of NSRI

The partnership was initially formed under the name of the “Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership” in 2002, and became operational on 1st April 2003.  The name of the partnership was changed in 2007 to the “Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative” following changes to the programme and the partnership encompassing a wider remit for road safety.

How is NSRI Managed?

As the lead authority, Gateshead Council identifies a Partnership Manager, and provides the chair for the partnership steering group. Membership of the partnership working and steering groups is made up of representatives from each of the six local authorities, Northumbria Police and the two Fire and Rescue Services (Northumberland and Tyne & Wear).  Partner organisations to NSRI also include Newcastle University’s Transport Operations Research Group (TORG), HM Courts and Tribunals Service and Highways England.

What Other Benefits does NSRI Provide to Northumbria?

Since 2006, NSRI has developed and implemented a strong programme of road safety campaign work, primarily aimed at young drivers, who are statistically the most likely road user group to become involved and injured in collisions.  This programme operates under the “Road Respect” banner, and is responsible for delivering the partnership’s road safety message at such diverse locations as road show events at local schools and colleges, pop-up shops in local shopping centres, and festivals like the Sunderland Air Show.  The campaign also has a large on-line presence, with several thousand Twitter followers and Facebook likes, and over 160k video views on YouTube.


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